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"It’s not how long we live, but how well we live"

Today most people approaching retirement can expect to live another 20-30 years, but how do you want to live those years? This is the time in our life when it is essential to self-care and takes responsibility on a daily basis to how we spend our time.

Qigong is all about balance, the yin and yang, and how to live with nature’s laws. What I have found so profound about this ancient Chinese practice is it’s beauty in it’s simplicity. Qi means energy and Gong means cultivation. Energy is all around us and without it, life would not survive. We can’t see it but we can certainly feel it. Its about understanding how energy moves through form. Nature is a sophisticated system, and when we sync ourselves with natures rhythms we can live in harmony with life and the world around us.

I look forward in sharing this beautiful practice with you!

Services 2

All Level Monthly Qigong

This is an interactive, community based live class, with 15 students.

$50.00 per month

Services 3

Intro to Qigong

Learn the basics of Qigong – helps prepare to enter a monthly group class.


Services 4

Personalized Package

For those who have chronic or acute pain, limited range of motion, or healing from surgery or injury.


Services 5

Private classes

For someone who prefers a one on one class for convenience of time

$60.00 per hour

We accept payments through PayPal, Venmo, & most credit cards.

All classes and private sessions are virtual through Zoom.

Please download the disclaimer and new student questionnaire below before beginning a class and submit the completed form to